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Lawyer Beka Nemsitsveridze – Amirkhanashvili has a tendency to change his testimony often

Lawyer Beka Nemsitsveridze – Amirkhanashvili has a tendency to change his testimony often

Amirkhanashvili tends to change his testimony often – this is how Beka Nemsitsveridze, the lawyer of rugby player Archil Gagnidze, accused in the murder of Giorgi Shakarashvili, assesses the last testimony of Guram Amirkhanashvili, the main witness in the case, where the witness mentions Gagnidze.

“Amirkhanashvili says that as if there was communication in the car, Gagnidze asked him if they were running so fast, even if they knew how to swim so fast, but how credible Amirkhanashvili’s testimony is is a separate issue. In general, we know that Amirkhanashvili has a tendency to change his testimonies often, and he has done this many times. If such important communication took place in that car for two months, why was this person silent ?! Now he explains this by saying that he was excited, but against the background of those excitements, he was identified and in that excited state, as he says himself, he recognized the persons who were sitting in this car. Then it turns out that authentication protocols are not to be considered at all. If he knew such important circumstances, why was he silent for so long and why did he not say anything about it ?! Of course, we could not share the reason he was excited. In fact, in our opinion, it happens that the prosecutor’s office has spread an absolutely absurd version, “Beka Nemsitsveridze said.

Today, the materials of Giorgi Shakarashvili’s case were spread in the media. We are talking about the fifth testimony of Giorgi Shakarashvili’s friend, the main witness in the case, Guram Amirkhanashvili. The prosecutor’s office warned the lawyers of the accused in the case of Giorgi Shakarashvili on the inadmissibility of disclosing the case materials and data on August 12. We are talking about the criminal case of premeditated murder committed under the aggravating circumstances of Giorgi Shakarashvili. According to the prosecutor’s office, at the initial stage of the investigation, the facts of publishing criminal case materials were recorded on TV, print media or social networks, and irrelevant interpretations of the published materials were frequent.